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Terry Batch
Terry Batch

Master Instructor

Emily Batch
Emily Batch

Chief Instructor


Master Instructor Terry Batch is a 8th degree black belt, an Internationally Certified Instructor and a Class A International Umpire, as well as the owner and president of Taekwon-Do  Training Centers. Chief Instructor Emily Batch is a 5th degree black belt and also holds International Instructor certification and is certified as a Class A International Umpire. The husband and wife teaching team has taught since 1970 in the Saginaw Valley area, beginning as instructors at Delta College in 1970 when Taekwon-Do  was new to the United States.

As pioneers to the art, they have been leaders in bringing Taekwon-Do  to this community and many others. In 1970 they began teaching at the Midland Community Center and founded Taekwon-Do Training Centers, the first martial art instruction offered in the city of Midland.  In 1984, Master Terry Batch obtained his 4th Degree Black Belt;  with the International Taekwon-Do Federation. They each also hold Black Belt ranks with Taekwon-Do Training Centers,  United States International Taekwon -Do  Federation and The International Taekwon-Do Federation.

As a master martial artist, Master Terry Batch is best known for his innovative board breaking demonstrations, often showcasing unprecedented new breaks. Emily is known for creating a women’s self-defense program designed to teach simple, easy to learn techniques that can save lives. Both Terry and Emily are award-winning performers of patterns and sparring, exhibiting speed, agility, grace, and power. Terry and Emily are renowned as outstanding instructors, sharing their love of Taekwon-Do with thousands of students over the past 50 years. They have produced over (250)  two hundred 1st degree black belts, many of which have advanced to Senior Black Belt ranks. The Batch’s also teach women’s self defense and give demonstrations to schools, boy scouts, senior citizens, women’s groups, and others.

Their enthusiastic teaching style and dedication to students of all ages has inspired many to be their best in every area of their own lives.


Both Terry and Emily have trained with Master Choi Jung Hwa (son of General Choi, the creator of Taekwon-Do) and with Master Robert N. Wheatley, President of the United States International Taekwon-Do Federation and chairman of the ITF Promotions Committee as well as many of the world’s top Master Instructors. Master Terry Batch received personal invitations from the late General Choi Hong Hi himself; “The Father of Taekwon-Do”,  training with him, an honor few experience.

Hall of Fame

In 2004, Master Terry Batch was honored by being inducted into the Midland County Sports Hall of Fame; the first martial artist ever to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. You can visit the display at the Great Lakes Loons baseball diamond in Midland, Michigan

From Our Students

What a great family atmosphere. I've been able to train with my children, as well as, my grandchildren. Ray, 6th Degree Black Belt
Its heart warming to see someone else treat my child with respect and caring and patience. Ken, Father of Kevin, Red Belt Teen
Classes are so much fun here. It's very structured and traditional, yet really friendly. Jason, Green Belt Teen
Training here is a tremendous stress reliever. I come in the door so uptight from a day at work, and when I leave I feel relaxed and reenergized. Don, 4th Degree Black Belt
Master Batch seems to have never-ending patience. Leanne, Yellow Belt Adult
My son has difficulty academically in school, but here he thrives. His self-esteem has soared. Mother of Joel, White Belt Junior
Friendships with people of all ages develop from the common bond of training together and the respect for each other's efforts. Gene, 3rd Degree Black Belt
The atmosphere of the class is extremely positive and encouraging. John, Blue Belt Adult
What is learned here is so much more than just martial arts. The lessons apply to every area of people's lives. Mike, Red Belt Adult
All of the instructors in the classes are so helpful. Elizabeth, Blue Belt Junior
The training room has all the necessary equipment; bags, targets, mirrors, breaking boards - what a great place to train. Dan, Red Belt Adult
Master Batch and Mrs. Batch are very knowledgeable. They're able to explain difficult techniques and concepts in ways that make it simple for everyone to understand. Jamie, Yellow Belt Adult
I really appreciate the individual help I've received from both Master Terry Batch and Cheif Instructor Emily Batch. They each share their ideas in different ways that have helped me in my own training and also in how I can teach others more effectively. Susan,4th Degree Black Belt
I love the fact that the kids & adults train together. I can't think of any other forum where children have such an opportunity to develop friendships with adults. It's a very special environment. They learn so much from one another. Mutual respect is a natural outcome. Bruce, 5th Degree Black Belt

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